Hacking Rhetoric


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I had always thought that “Anonymous” was something that existed only movies or shows. The videos we watched were very eerie, but I was definitely intrigued. They said Anonymous originated on 4chan, an image-sharing site. I have always heard 4chan described as “the bottom of the internet.” I never realized how much craziness has stemmed from this website. While reading up on this, I found an article that described 4chan pretty well:

“4Chan is one of the Internet’s most heavily trafficked image boards. It is the popularity and anonymity of 4Chan and its ‘underground’ culture that has resulted in the website earning significant media attention, with the British broadsheet newspaper once describing 4Chan as ‘lunatic, juvenile… brilliant, ridiculous and alarming.'”

I guess sometimes I’m just oblivious to this aspect of the internet. It’s frightening but also mildly exhilarating to think of all the things Anonymous has been capable of (attacks on Scientology, Occupy Wall Street, etc.). Sometimes I’m not sure if I should be more scared or more skeptical of Anonymous. In the article I found, the author says that members of 4chan and even Anonymous are not actually hackers, but rather “resentful youth” trying to make their voice heard. What do you guys think?



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