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Command Prompt Tricks


While surfing the internet for interesting things about hacking I came across an article that actually caught my interest.  It is titled 21 command prompt tricks for Windows.  That sparked my interest because I knew that my computer science friends would sometimes have command prompts open for their assignments or when they were learning the basics.  It occurred to me that in class we have talked about hackers but never really talked about how they actually hacked systems.  Or how they can run computers through command prompts and other applications.  Out of the 21 tricks, I just tried the IP address one and it worked!  Anyway I wanted to share this with those who, like myself, still don’t know a whole lot about computers but am interested in learning some of the “hacking” techniques via computer basics.  



2 thoughts on “Command Prompt Tricks

  1. I really like #11 and #12…open the command prompt from any location and drag and drop for easy path name entry. I’ve been actually typing the long path name for the folder that i need the command prompt to modify files inside. Thanks for the link.

  2. Not a problem, glad someone tried some of these

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