Hacking Rhetoric

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The Anonymous video shown in class just proved that different types of media put together can have a great effect to how the message is brought across to people. Everyone had noticed something that made them more nervous than the other things. The imagery, background music, computerized voice, the speech…All in all, the person who made the video got what he wanted: take Anonymous seriously. In the assigned reading, it is reiterated that hackers have a collaborative nature to improve things. However, they also have a sense of individualism during this collaboration to outdo their peers in the terms of self-expression, ingenuity, and development in similar areas. So, there is a feeling of elitism within the collaboration. I think that this can fall into many areas and not only hacking. Many collaborations I have participated had at least one authoritative person that performed outstandingly to be well received compared to people in the group. I could see that he/she wanted recognition in some form. It could possibly be a better grade or promotion. This excerpt has made me see the competitive side of hackers that “sanction hierarchies” in the field of technology.


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