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War Never Changes

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During the class “free time” using the Popcorn Web maker, my group decided to experiment with a collage of images representing war through time. One thing striking about the finished product is the remarkable similarity between war protests in the Vietnam and Modern era. I’ve chosen to title our “piece” “War Never Changes”. With images flipping between Vietnam and today, the song “Ohio” plays in the background — a song about government oppression of peaceful protests, and murder of innocent protesters. While there is, thankfully, no modern equivalent of the Kent State massacre, the images of the college students (connected with Occupy protests) being maced for doing little more than sitting in protest is troubling. To what lengths will our government go to silence dissent? The final images are that of Bradley Manning, a hero of the modern era, willing to stand up to an oppressive government no matter the costs, fading into a Guy Fawkes mask, representing another occasionally-heroic element of the modern resistance. If the Internet had existed during the Vietnam protests, would similar groups have emerged to fight government oppression? What other avenues of resistance and protest does the Internet allow that simply weren’t options in the Vietnam era?


Here’s a link to our (admittedly very unfinished) WebMaker project:

War Never Changes


One thought on “War Never Changes

  1. Hey Damon, cool blog post! You should definitely check out James Pinkerton’s blog posts, they are awe-inspiring and emotional. When I read his beautiful prose I cry every time. Check his stuff out.

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