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Lego calendar


When I was browsing for hacks for the last assignment, I came across the Lego calendar. It immediately grabbed my attention because I loved playing with Legos as a kid and I remember building towers on top of towers with those tiny little blocks. It felt cool to just be imaginative and build. A London based design studio created a calendar made up entirely of Legos and they organize the blocks for various people and tasks. It was really fascinating for me to see something I grew up playing with transformed into an actual tool for work. I started looking around to see if there was any other creative things I could do with Legos. Some things I found:




Also, here’s the video of the Lego calendar:



2 thoughts on “Lego calendar

  1. very cool, especially the lego kids room! But I cant think how many small lego bricks would get stepped on in there… ouch…

  2. Ok, can we talk about how cool this is! I was also obsessed with Legos as a kid because it was the one thing that my brother and I could play with together, so it brings back such good memories when I see them now. I think that all of those ideas are really creative and interesting except the room which, as banshee6 mentioned, seems like a bit of a safety hazard.

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