Hacking Rhetoric

That awkward moment when you get hacked…

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As some of you may already know, about a month ago, my twitter got hacked and my account sent a link through direct messages to a lot of my followers.  I don’t log on to twitter very often, so I actually found out that I got hacked because I got an email from Professor Wise telling me that she got a weird direct message from me.  The first thing I did when I found out that I got hacked is just laughed out loud because of the fact that I am enrolled in this class and I was actually writing a paper for this class when I found out.  After I got over the irony of the situation, I started to think about what information the hacker could have gained access to or what he or she could have done to my account.  Once I figured out that no major harm was done, I just changed my password and tweeted about it and I was over it.  When I really started thinking about it, however, the idea of someone being able to manage your account and post on your behalf, is pretty unsettling.  Even though I had just activated my twitter and I didn’t have a lot of followers, I still felt a little bit violated by the whole situation.  The fact that I created an account with a password and spent time personalizing it and following people, made it hard to think that someone could just easily hack it and potentially ruin my social media outlet.  


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