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Password issues

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If y’all haven’t figured it out from the last few posts, some people are having trouble selecting insecure passwords because WordPress is looking out for our security.

Since the initial deadline to change your password has passed, I’m expecting that everyone I haven’t heard from has been able to select a password answer of their own. If not, though, here’s the criteria we agreed on for tweaking the passwords to both meet our assignment criteria AND the demands of WordPress:

How about this for a compromise: try adding a number 1 (or something) to the end of it. If that gets past, post an ‘early clue’ for your assigned hacker–nothing that IDs the question you’ve selected, but along the lines of ‘WordPress rejected my password; whatever answer you select, add a 1 to the end’ (or whatever change you make to get the system to accept it). While it doesn’t quite fit the parameters we talked about in class, it’s a minimal change that you can make public without compromising the hacking aspect too much. Your hacker is still going to have to figure out the base word and you’ll just tell them the addition. It’s a workaround, but should work.

To make these hints, and the Hallowe’en round, easier to find, I’ve added a new category to the blog, “Hacking hints”, and filed all the existing hint posts under it. For anyone else adding a hint at any point, please file your own blog under the same category (i.e., tick the box ‘Hacking hints’ under ‘Categories’, which is to the right of the box you write your post in).  To find all posts under this category (or any other!), just click on the category title in the sidebar at right.


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