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Blue Team – Joshua Bennett – Artist’s Statement

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For context, here is my summary: https://www.cs.utexas.edu/~joshuab/hack3.html

After you read the summary, click the link to check to original hack recreated by me (sans the personal information released), then click the next link to see the hack of my summary, wherein I recreate the anonymous hack in a completely different way.

The reason I decided to present my summary in this way is because I think it addresses all the major points of my summary. I wanted to contrast the original hack, with my own “crazy” version of the hack to really illustrate how Anonymous’ hack works. My hope is that when you see the childish hack I created you realize the effect a professional looking hack has compared to a silly one. The silly hack makes you immediately show no respect for Anonymous. You instantly label them as anarchist kids, and while you might label a hack of Westboro a good thing, you probably wouldn’t respect Anonymous or agree with their goals. In fact, you might not think their hack is even Justified. You don’t sympathize with or accept their hacking. To the church members, it’s also not scary. It’s just a silly hack. It essentially is harmless and just brings them more media attention. They don’t feel threatened because the hack seems childish and doesn’t give the same vibe as like a “mafia boss”. 


One thought on “Blue Team – Joshua Bennett – Artist’s Statement

  1. Awesome point you make here, check out this similar blog https://hackingrhetoric.wordpress.com/author/meaganmilligan/

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