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Hacked Summary — Defacing the NSA

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For my summary, I dove into the world of website defacement. This is a practice whereby an attacker gains illegitimate access to a website and uses it as a digital canvas, spraying the graffiti of his/her message to the entire audience of the legitimate site. While this tactic is very popular among the black hat “hacker underground”, similar tactics are increasingly being employed by agents of the US Government targeting websites whose content they find disagreeable (usually for economic reasons). Citing various laws and regulations which they believe makes a site illegal, they replace the expected content of the site with their own little defacement which outlines the charges they level against the site owners, and directs the normal audience of the website to other “resources” to “learn more” about the illegal activities.

In my own hacked summary, I’ve created a fusion of these two concepts: I’ve created a “defacement” page that I believe should be could be sprayed on the digital canvas that is the NSA. Since I enjoy my current state of not being in jail, I won’t be defacing the NSA’s website any time soon. My message may not reach the desired audience, but perhaps it will spark some interest among my classmates. If you had your pick of websites to use as a digital canvas, what site would you choose? What message would you send?

This link shows an example of a website defaced by Immigations and Customs Enforcement for trading in counterfeit goods.

This is a satirical example of a similar defacement page that targets the government itself. An important note: Nope, I didn’t deface the NSA, and I won’t be doing so any time soon. Sorry to disappoint.


One thought on “Hacked Summary — Defacing the NSA

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