Hacking Rhetoric

Tommy Lam – Artist’s Statement

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Here’s the link to the comic strip:


(I wanted to make the story more seem less rushed, but due to the constraint of being a free member, that was impossible.  Sorry!)


Earlier this month, Team Madleets, an acclaimed White hat community, performed a DNS redirect hack on Google Malaysia’s website.  Their hack redirected all users who attempted to visit the “www.google.com.my” URL to another website, which was under Team Madleets’ control.  The redirected website still had the Google logo on it, but was marked all over with Team Madleets’ stamp.  In hacking my summary, I decided to re-present my piece as a short comic strip instead of an academic text.  The comic that I created is an over-the-top reinterpretation of what might have been going on in the minds of unsuspecting Google visitors, as well as Team Madleets, during the period that the Google homepage was hacked.  In my comic, the high school boy tried to use Google to answer his question, but was instead sent to Team Madleets’ website.  This caused him to fall into a depressed state since the instant gratification that Google usually delivers was taken away from him.  Meanwhile, the hackers are represented by an antelope who’s overly ecstatic about his recent conquest over Google.  The animal was chosen to show that hackers can be anyone or anything.  The antelope, in this scenario, is hiding behind the façade of being a white hat hacker, who’s job is to expose security flaws in order to get people to fix them.  However, this is not the reason why he hacked Google; he did it out of recognition for hacking such a large company.  In the last scene, the antelope pictures himself as above society and that he’s “out of this world.”


For reference, here’s the original article that I summarized:



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