Hacking Rhetoric

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Hack of a Hack Cayla Sher

For my hacked summary I talked about one of the greatest hacks of all time according to Wired.com. The hacker is Robert Morris and in 1988 he sent out a worm in the Internet.  Instead of analyzing my source I drew it out with captions. Here I have Robert Morris sending out the worm himself as I made the worm it into an actual worm critter. Morris sends out the worm to the one big computer and then the worm spreads the program without warning to 6,000 other computers. In my drawing it states how once the worm is sent that is all it needs help with. It does all of the destroying on its own. The worm works effectively, infect, crack, and move on! I included the main points of my summary in sentences. While the aftermath of this hack was that Morris was one of the first to be tried and convicted under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.



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