Hacking Rhetoric

Artist’s Statement

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The initial hack that I summarized was a Lego Calendar created by a design studio in London. On this calendar, made entirely of legos, each row represents a month, each column represents a day of the week, each project has its own color and each brick represents half a day spent on a particular project. The design team was even able to access the calendar digitally with a smartphone. I was so inspired by the tangibility and visual appeal of the Lego Calendar that I decided to re-design the calendar for the second part of this assignment. I didn’t have any legos myself, but I created a student-friendly weekly calendar that could be recreated using a similar design and color scheme as the Lego Calendar.

This is the original image of the Lego Calendar at the design studio in London:

Here’s my version of the calendar (which definitely isn’t as life-like):

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 12.17.04 PM

The colored blocks represent different Lego blocks I could use. For my hack, I decided to narrow the calendar down to a weekly basis. As a student, I find it more convenient to organize and plan one week at a time. Here, each column represents a day of the week and the rows are separated into times throughout a single day. The different blocks represent a class, work time (gray), assignment (yellow), meeting (orange), or major exam (red). In the original calendar, I noticed they all used the same sized Lego bricks. Their calendar spanned over three months and keeping a consistent pattern kept organization from being overly complicated. For my purposes, different sized bricks could help to place various tasks within the same time frame. The various colors also help prioritize and distinguish between different events throughout the day. I hope to one day gather enough Lego blocks to create this calendar in real life.


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