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Hacked Summary – Artist’s Statement

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For my “Summary of a hack” assignment, I discussed about Resource Furniture which hacks spaces and usages of ordinary furniture to efficiently utilize rooms in small households. The original source I touched on was from a YouTube video explaining functions and methods of how Resource Furniture works. Ron Barth, the president of Resource Furniture, comes out in the video himself to tell the viewers how his company’s products let people living in small households to save a lot of spaces for their houses but still be able to place all the necessary furniture needed for living. Since I hacked a video source from the beginning, I was wondering what I could do for my second part of the assignment and I have decided to draw out diagrams of the furniture myself. The diagrams I drew for “Hack your summary” divide different modes of a piece of furniture into several phases to clearly show what kind of hack it can perform. Thus, each diagram represents a different purpose and also the procedure.




One thought on “Hacked Summary – Artist’s Statement

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