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Hacked summary: Sammy Rodz

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θri di prɪntərz sev lɪvz!
3-D printers save lives!

A baby’s life is saved through a 3D printed replica of a trachea and bronchus

Engineering vital organs via 3D printers
An 83 year-old women recieves an entirely 3D printed lower jaw
3D printing will revolutionize medicine– taking the field to frontiers beyond our wildest dreams!


One thought on “Hacked summary: Sammy Rodz

  1. Original Post_____________________________________

    Artist Statement:

    kɪjs ɑɹ noʊ laŋɚ praɪvɪt

    For my hacked summary, I transcribed the phrase “keys are no longer private” from the International Phonetic Alphabet. My summary was based on a hack where you could take a picture of a key hole, send it to a 3D printing services, and come out with a physical copy of a key. The scary part about it is that you don’t even have to get your hands on the person’s actual keys. You just need a picture of it and your in!

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