Hacking Rhetoric

hacked summary


In my origine summary I talked about Chinese government hacked companies like Google, Yahoo and Adobe to obtain information. I translate my summary into Chinese and post it.

About 2mins after i posted my summary on a Chinese blog called “Baidutieba”, my posted was deleted by the host.


Which translate to “the post does not exist, return to previous page in 11 second.”

Then I changed a couple words used and post it again. This time it takes a bit longer for the host the take action. About 5hours later, when i try to sign in my Baidu account, i found that my ID was banned.


So I contact the host with another account. He told me that I’d better not post anything like this because it will never pass the cyber censorship. Also if I keep posting these contents, I might have trouble with the police.

I’m going back China this December, and now I’m scared. I might cancel my flight.


2 thoughts on “hacked summary

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