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Hacked Summery


For part 1 of the summary hack, I decided to talk about a hack that was done on the A&M president’s website last week.  I took a screenshot of the hack before it was taken down and attached it to this post.  Basically, the original website had about a page of text about the University and President (R. Bowen Loftin) as well as some of the Presidents experiences and goals for Texas A&M.  The hacker went in and changed all of the text on the page to sound ghetto most likely by using the website Gizoogle.  The passage on the website still maintained most of its fundamental meaning, but with a much more urban twist.  This hacker’s identity and intentions are unknown, but he or she was able to gain access to a university’s website and poke fun at at the most powerful man in the school.  I decided to take this idea to the extreme and “hack” the leader of the free world: President Barrack Obama.   Outsmarting a University’s computer security system is pretty impressive, but hacking into whitehouse.gov would be quite a feat and, although there would probably be some sort of punishment, it would be pretty epic.  If the President Obama hack was real, both of these hacks would be harmless security breaches that would simply bring some entertainment to the masses at the expense of a few powerful officials.  Enjoy… Fo’ Realz.






4 thoughts on “Hacked Summery

  1. Okay I know you didn’t hack the whitehouse.gov website but was curious on how you were able to replace the words. Overall very funny.

    • Haha! Yes, I feel like hacking whitehouse.gov would fall under the category of things that could get us arrested and professor wise deported. I actually took a screen shot of the website and then put text boxes over the text with a white background to cover up the original text. It was actually surprisingly hard to make a paragraph “ghetto” while still getting the message across. Thanks for your feedback!

  2. Smart workaround, Tania.

    Tim, wait ’til next Wednesday … I am going to show you an easy tool to hack any website you want — without getting arrested. Start thinking now about a site you might want to target.

  3. Awesome point you make here, check out this similar blog https://hackingrhetoric.wordpress.com/author/meaganmilligan/

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