Hacking Rhetoric

Summary of a Hack: Infinite Loop

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I summarized a prank in which a large group of students held up traffic at their campus by crossing the street one way, using an underground tunnel to go back to their initial spot, and then cross the street again. This made a sort of infinite loop, and from the perspective of the cars, it was a loop of the same people over and over again, including a student in a cow suit. I wanted my hacked summary to accomplish the same thing, so I made it thinner and repeated it a few times. I then printed this all out and taped the pages together to form a shape known as a Mobius Strip. This shape is noteworthy because it has only one side; as demonstrated by the attached animation, an ant could start on one “side” and without crossing the edge of the paper, end up on the underside of where it was before. My summary does the same thing, and if read properly would have no ending or beginning. The words “infinite loop” are bolded to serve the same purpose as the cow suit, a little insult every time you have to pass by it again while reading the paper. Obviously the teacher isn’t going to read my infinite paper for a huge length of time, but the point is still there. Just like cars stopped at a stop sign by endless students, you have to give up or you’ll never escape. The teacher has to quit before reading too many paragraphs, and the car has to reverse and take another street.










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