Hacking Rhetoric

Artist’s Statement

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When I hacked my summary, I thought about displaying the information in a new and different way. My summary was about the Chelsea (Bradley) Manning WikiLeaks scandal, and how her being inside the military and leaking the information was a different kind of hack. She hacked from the inside out by releasing classified information. When I started making my video, I decided to make it sort a campaign video against Chelsea, or in favor of her being incarcerated. I used music, images, and short strong words to persuade an audience against her. The video displayed the information in a very different way than the paper. The paper was a non-biased account of what happened and the background of the story. I chose to make a video that illustrates how people can interpret the story—because many believe Chelsea was wrong, and on the other hand many believe Chelsea is an American hero.



One thought on “Artist’s Statement

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