Hacking Rhetoric

Artist’s Statement

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Artist's Statement

I wrote my hacked summary on a hack I discovered on a blog via the Ikea Hackers website. This website is dedicated to repurposing inexpensive Ikea products and contains a lot of do-it-yourself projects. All you need for the hack is an Ikea blanket, shower rod, hooks, and a liner. What you are essentially doing is making a modern shower curtain out of a blanket. The blog I came across was definitely geared towards an audience of women and the blog was honestly a bit long and involved quite a bit of scrolling. I created a photo collage including only the necessary directions and 4 pictures of the project throughout the process and in the final stage. With Pinterest as popular as it is with the same audience of primarily women, I created this easy to read collage so that it could appear on a website like Pinterest and wouldn’t be intimidated by a long list of directions because most people like things to be easy and efficient.


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