Hacking Rhetoric

Logical Fallacies

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is the one we made up in class.
• We believe that everybody in this class deserves an A.
• If you don’t give us A’s our GPA’s are going to drop, we will fail out of school, not be able to get a job and work at McDonalds. (slipper slope)
• I got an A on the very first assignment I should get an A on every assignment. (hasty generalization)
• B’s and below should be banned in this course. (begging the claim)
• We should get A’s because we are smart. (circular argument)
• Teacher’s who don’t give out all their students A’s are mean, stingy, and terrible people. (Ad populum)
• Teacher’s who don’t give the whole class A’s hate their students. (straw man)
• Not getting an A in this class is the same as sucking at life. (moral equivalence)
• So either give us all A’s or quit your job. (either or)
Now I understand the Fallacies a whole lot better.


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