Hacking Rhetoric

Mid-semester adjustments

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Following the mid-semester check-ins, we’ve agreed on the following changes to the course:

  • Twitter: no longer required — but if it’s working for you / you want to, keep doing it.
  • Blogs:
    • Comments — no longer mandatory. Comment if you feel moved, especially if the author invites you to answer a question / offer your thoughts.
    • Weekly posts — due at any point over the week.
  • Readings: will be student-generated starting next week. Please post your suggestions in the comments here! Aim for meaty but accessible; non-mainstream texts encouraged.

One thought on “Mid-semester adjustments

  1. I thought this would be a cool assignment. It’s not a reading or article, but it definitely showcases how celebrities and people of authority are used to bring attention to government issues such as NSA hacking. It uses a ton of ethos, pathos and logos to argue a point, so I thought it would be appropriate for this portion of the curriculum in this class.

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