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            There is no doubt that there has been an increasing number of malicious hackers who threaten our government and successful businesses and we, as college students, could be the answer to some of these problems. Companies who fear being hacked will spend as much as 46 billion dollars this year alone from being hacked and will hire skilled white hat hackers to prevent spiteful hackers from obtaining valuable information from the innocent population. This article introduces the fact that many universities are offering their students courses to take in order to learn how to protect multi million dollar databases. Rick Karr states that ‘They’re students at Carnegie Mellon University, one of the nation’s top computer science schools … and they’re learning to fight off the bad guys  … by thinking the same way they do. They’re learning to be the good guy hackers.”

            Karr then goes on to say that most of these black hat hackers are coming out of other countries and are protected; therefore they don’t have a whole lot to lose while Stewart Baker replies “the best defense is an offense.” These students are being trained to find the vulnerabilities and this is definitively beneficial for businesses living in a constant fear of hackers.

I think it’s pretty awesome that computer science programs are beginning to teach their students how to hack effectively because this is a huge problem we are facing. The only thing that worries me is that these skilled future computer scientists could choose a different route as a black hat hacker.


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