Hacking Rhetoric

Hackasaurus activity instructions

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Here are your instructions for today’s in-class assignment:

Hackasaurus instructions

1. Open a browser – not Safari. Firefox or Chrome both work for this.

2. Navigate to www.hackasaurus.org

3. Follow the three-second tutorial.

4. Install X-Ray Goggles in your browser, following the instructions here: http://hackasaurus.org/en-US/goggles/install/

  • For Chrome, the bookmark bar should be visible when you open the browser.
  • For Firefox, you’ll need to make the toolbar visible – go to ‘View’, then ‘Toolbars’, then check where it says ‘Bookmarks Toolbar’.

5. Find a site, activate your X-Ray Goggles and hack! Work on your own or in small groups to disrupt or reinforce the message of a website.

Other resources

Hackasaurus is designed to be pretty intuitive, but here are some HTML resources you might like to refer to:

Google Image Search: http://www.google.com/imghp

When you’re done, publish your work and email the link to beck.wise@utexas.edu along with a link to the original site so we can put them all up on the big screen. Be ready to explain what you were trying to do!

For Monday

Monday is a peer reviewing workshop day for your Analysis Paper. Come to class with a complete, polished draft in electronic form — you can print for free in the classroom if you prefer to work on paper. You’ll work in pairs to identify strengths and weaknesses in each other’s papers, then go home and redraft before submitting to me on Wednesday.

In case you are stuck / want to make sure you’re covering all possible angles, here’s a worksheet that might help (direct link to PDF; I’ll be handing out paper copies in class today — this is in case you lose yours or aren’t in class today).


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