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Analysis project: peer-reviewing workshop

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Long post, but please read to the bottom! This post contains the peer reviewing documents, reminders about the workshop process and submission requirements, and REALLY IMPORTANT NOTES about what to expect on Monday.

As you know, Monday is peer reviewing workshop day for your analysis paper. Come in, on time, with a complete, polished draft* of your analysis project and as much caffeine as you need to get you through the class; I’ll provide the cut-price post-Hallowe’en candy for your lunchtime sugar hit; if you have a request for thinking music, post it in the comments here and I’ll endeavour to oblige.

You’ll work in pairs or threes (depending on the number of people who are in class) to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each other’s analysis projects, following the guidelines in the following documents:

Peer review analysis (direct link to PDF; printable)

Peer review analysis (direct link to .doc; electronically editable)

You should answer each of the questions provided honestly and in as much detail as possible. If you prefer to give your peer feedback in another form, that’s fine–but it must cover the same content listed in those documents and the writer must be able to submit it to me along with their next draft of the assignment on Wednesday (so you might write your feedback out in paragraphs, or give verbal feedback and record an MP3 on your fancy smartphone, or whatever–has to be submittable).

After the workshop, you’ll each go home and continue working on your projects. Use the feedback given by your reviewer to strengthen your assignment as much as you can, then complete the guided self-reflection provided in the documents above (again, format is not compulsory, but content and submittability are).

You will submit ALL of your work towards this project to me on Wednesday night–that means:

  • Any pre-Monday drafts or writing exercises
  • Your complete Monday draft
  • Your peer reviewer’s feedback
  • Your self-reflection
  • Your completed Wednesday draft
  • Anything else you want me to know about!

Note that if you have a combination of paper and electronic documents as part of your process, it’ll be a lot easier for both you and I to manage if you combine them all into one form or another. You have free printing for this course in our classroom and in PAR 102 if you want to go electronic->paper; you also have access to scanners in PCL and PAR102 if you want to go paper->electronic.

I’ll review the material over the latter part of the week and send you written feedback over the weekend. On Monday the 11th, there will be no regular class meeting; instead, we’ll meet in individual conferences (don’t forget to make an appointment!). I’ll expect you to have reviewed the feedback given and your work, and come in prepared to discuss your plan for the next version of this assignment, as well as your mid-semester Learning Record feedback. These are short meetings, so preparation is vital!

*A complete, polished draft means that the work is finished and as good as you can make it. It should meet, to the best of your ability, all the requirements outlined in the assignment prompt. If you arrive with an incomplete draft, I will ask you to leave; you will need to complete the assignment and arrange a peer reviewer outside of class time. Peer reviewing is an extremely valuable exercise–identifying strengths and weaknesses in another person’s paper is both a service to them and good practice for you in reviewing your own work–but it only works if everyone commits … hence zero tolerance for incomplete work on workshop day.

As we’ll be working in groups, it’s critical that you arrive on time, since it will be highly disruptive to rearrange groups after we begin workshopping. I will leave the door open for 5 minutes after 12.30 as we make announcements and address any questions, but once the door is shut you will be unable to join the class and will need to make arrangements with a peer to workshop papers on your own time.

One more reminder: your hints for the blog hack project are now overdueIf you haven’t posted yours somewhere your hacker can see it (several people have posted theirs on the course blog, I saw one or two on Twitter [list of everyone in the class], maybe you’re all friends on Facebook now, or maybe you’ve tattooed it on your forehead and all will be revealed on Monday …), please post that hint ASAP. The hint requirement was agreed on as a class and is critical to making this assignment work for everyone.


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