Hacking Rhetoric

China’s Edit Wars

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Since in a few weeks we’ll be talking about Wikipedia, I though this article would be interesting to share with the class.  It’s a New York Times article talking about the constant revising that goes on in the Wikipedia pages about significant events in China’s history.  Some examples include the Tiananmen Square incident, particularly whether or not it was and should be considered a “massacre”.  Essentially, what this showed was how different people from different regions grew up with different perspectives of events in their education (a mainland Chinese student would learn from a different view than a Taiwanese student).  Since 2009, the “Edit War” has slowed down, and people are starting to make contributions to Wikipedia less on political thought.  

What makes this article interesting is the reminder that history is based on perception.  In another one of my classes we are looking at World War II history based on the views of the victors and the vanquished.  Particularly right at this moment how the US atomic bombings are seen as a necessity instead of as crime against humanity.  



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