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Hackasaurus was a fun experimental tool to use during workshop day. There was a sense of thrill when Josh and I changed Bing’s search engine website into whatever we wanted. It gives people a feel on what actual computer hackers can do at a very basic level. Google was secure enough to not allow Hackasaurus to work on their website. Changing HTML codes is very easy to computer science majors. I had learned more about HTML codes when we were trying to change the background picture and adding text to the search bar etc. Adding text is a “value” and codes can be separated into “classes”. I had no recollection of these terms until it was explained to me. Hacking the web page let me experience the fun in programming again. Questions of “is this going to show up the way I wanted it to?” and “what should I change to create the effect I want?” started surfacing again. There’s a sense of pride, curiosity, and accomplishment when programs or websites turn out the way you desire it to. I suspect that many hackers feel like this, and that’s why they like what they do.


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