Hacking Rhetoric

OPEN THREAD: Reading suggestions


Use the comments to this post to nominate texts that you think the class would benefit from consuming (reading, watching, listening to, etc) over the next month.

These texts should relate to the course theme and be persuasive in some way. You can — indeed, probably should — select your favourites from the texts you’ve discovered in your own research. Please include a sentence that indicates why you’re nominating this text (“It’s a great example of X”, “It’s a terrible example of Y”, “It’s really funny”, “It offers a radically new perspective on Z”, “It’s from a particularly interesting/cool/off-beat publication”, etc).

I’ll try and schedule one reading from each person into the remaining weeks (you can nominate more texts if you want).

Please post your nominations by 11.59pm on Saturday night. I’ll review them on Sunday and get them scheduled in for the week / available online in an organised fashion for y’all to access.


8 thoughts on “OPEN THREAD: Reading suggestions

  1. We should read the Story of Mel on the Jargon File

  2. I don’t know HOW applicable it is to Hacking, but it’s definitely about a hacker, but in a sci-fi sense. It also makes use of all kinds of appeals for the argument of “love is to be experienced, not controlled”. Okay, it’s kind of hard to argue that it’s entirely useful, but it’s definitely super cool and makes for good discussion.

    If it’s no good, let me know. I can find something else. 😛

  3. I thought we had the entire weekend, didn’t realize you set it for Saturday evening.

  4. Anyway, I thought this video on TED Talks was interesting. Basically a recap on all the thoughts we had when we talked about PRISM.

  5. Keep them coming. I’ll start incorporating them on Wednesday. The agreed-upon deadline in class on Saturday was to give me some time to review and arrange the suggestions.

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