Hacking Rhetoric

I’ve Been Hacked! (No, not by a classmate)


This week, something unexpected happened to me.  My Yahoo email account got hacked into!  I was surprised to get a text message stating that my account was suspended due to “suspicious activity.”  Luckily for me, nothing went missing or was hampered with (at least I hope not).  This event caused me to remember the article we read in class about Honan’s email getting hacked.  Although I didn’t have as much valuable information to lose as he did, I still felt a bit upset.  The account that got hacked was my primary email address, which had some important information/data on it.  If I wasn’t able to retrieve my account, I would have been devastated!  The thing that baffled me most was after I retrieved my email account, I wasn’t even able to find out what the source of this “suspicious activity” was.  I guess that this goes to show that anyone can be hacked for any reason at all.  Even normal individuals, like you and me.  


4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Hacked! (No, not by a classmate)

  1. Sorry to hear, but I am curious. You don’t have to say what your password was, but was it one that would have been easy to figure out? Something similar to the 25 popular passwords we saw in class a few weeks back?

  2. My yahoo email got hacked a while ago too. I couldn’t even get back into it because they changed my security questions that I needed to answer to log back in. I had to just ditch that account. 😦 I find myself much happier with gmail now haha

  3. @t3tank, no my password is not common at all, haha.
    @lailara, yeah I have a gmail too, and now that this has happened, i’m trying to transition all of my Yahoo crap over there!

  4. Hey Tommy, cool blog post! You should definitely check out James Pinkerton’s blog posts, they are breathtaking and compelling. When I read his beautiful prose I cry every time. Check his stuff out.

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