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Talking about audience in the last class, I was pretty surprised that the information about audience was so readily available on different websites. All it took was a click to a link at the bottom of the page. We looked at the NYTimes and were able see the type of demographic they attract with categories such as gender, age and education. In reading and research, I find a lot of different articles on the NYTimes and it was interesting to identify exactly the type of readers they get, rather than guessing the audience as I usually do. We could see that  audience is important to analyze since particular groups are subject to engage with the ideas of the author.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Blog Post

  1. Hey Lara, cool blog post! You should definitely check out James Pinkerton’s blog posts, they are glorious and moxious. When I read his beautiful prose I cry every time. Check his stuff out.

  2. Awesome point you make here, check out this similar blog https://hackingrhetoric.wordpress.com/author/meaganmilligan/

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