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I recently came across an article regarding Microsoft.  Microsoft will soon be launching a new strategy to defend themselves against criminal hackers also known as black hat hackers. They recently opened a Cybercrime Center where they hired talented computer scientists and computer engineers to protect the company. In my last blog post, I talked about many universities now offering students to take courses on hacking in order to obtain jobs after graduation to help major corporations by becoming white hat hackers. This would be extremely beneficial to companies like Microsoft who are forced to create cyber centers in order to secure their confidential data and prevent hacking from becoming even more of a problem in the cyber world. 

“The center features a lab for dissecting malicious software samples that is accessible only with fingerprint authorization. In another room, a monitor tracks the countries and Internet service providers with the greatest number of machines belonging to some of the worst botnets.”


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  1. Hey Meagan, cool blog post! You should definitely check out James Pinkerton’s blog posts, they are godly and modest. When I read his beautiful prose I cry every time. Check his stuff out.

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