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Catch an Illegal Immigrant news presentation


After all this discussion about how information is presented I went on 3 separate news websites and viewed how they presented the YCT’s event.  Surprisingly, only KXAN had the group’s president make a comment, while FOX and KVUE weren’t able to get a hold of him.  All 3 however were able to get a lot of students to voice their opinion against the event.  I was surprised that FOX did that as well, airing the voices of those who were undocumented students since they are well known to be a station with really conservative values. 

Here are the 3 links if you guys want to check them out and post what you think.





2 thoughts on “Catch an Illegal Immigrant news presentation

  1. The event has been called off, apparently–you may be interested in reading the YCT’s justification for it as a rhetorical text, too: https://twitter.com/evanasmith/status/402799512072101889 (the pic is hard to read, but I’m sure other news sources will reproduce the text soon)

    ETA: Here’s the Texas Tribune article about the event, updated to reflect its cancellation; the article has a link to a PDF of the YCT’s statement which is far more readable than the Twitter pic.

    ETA again: Did I seriously forget the link? Here you go: http://www.texastribune.org/2013/11/19/conservative-group-hold-mock-immigration-sting-ut/

  2. Awesome point you make here, check out this similar blog https://hackingrhetoric.wordpress.com/author/meaganmilligan/

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