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For tomorrow

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Copied from the email I just sent to everyone.
As you know, tomorrow is Wikipedia day. I’ve assigned some basic readings to get you acquainted with what it means to be a Wikipedia editor and asked y’all to sign up for user accounts. While you’re reading, please start thinking about what you might want to do as a Wikipedia editor. Some ideas:
– Contribute to an article on your area of expertise
– Add a new article for something in your area of expertise
– Review articles for errors of various kinds (confusing phrasing, mistaken facts, poor referencing, typoes)
– Vandalise some stuff
We’ll plan on talking a bit about Wikipedia, playing on there a bit, and then talking about what changes we made and why, as well as what being on and contributing to the site, rather than just reading it, adds to our understanding of Wikipedia.
ETA: Those of you who are multilingual might like to think about contributing to Wikipedia in your other languages — you don’t have to limit yourself to the English version if you don’t want to.

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