Hacking Rhetoric

weekly post for 11-19-13

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After learning about the “catch an illegal immigrant” game that was planned, it just made me think a lot about what we talked about in class. I loved how Beck made the point of people not being illegal. We came up with this big list of things that are illegal like drugs and weapons. It was a powerful point that was made that everyone should hear about. People that are not citizens of a certain country cannot be minimized to inhumane objects that don’t even matter. People are still people no matter what part of the world you are in. The problem with “illegal immigration” is a big issue that no one wants to bring up or talk about. The people of YCT should be ashamed of themselves. The president himself is hispanic so he should have an understanding of the issue with immigration and how messed up it is. He should not add to the problem. I live in a border town and I know the struggles of immigration and honestly the best I can do is just not make the situation any worse. The issue of immigration is tricky and difficult and the last thing we should be doing is making a game out of it.


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