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Today, my friend told me a story that a man she met told her. The man said he was sitting next to a baby on an airplane that was holding a skymall magazine, and the baby was trying to scroll through the pages like an iPad. This was shocking and honestly so sad to me–that babies, before they learn to read books or even look at pictures and turn the pages of books, know how to use an iPad. As we began discussing this, another friend of mine said that before she took the kids she babysits to school, the mom asked her to check their backpacks to see if all the kids’ iPads were in them. Is learning becoming less interactive, and more looking at screens? I’m 21 and don’t own an iPad, granted, for them an iPad is what my laptop is to me, but still. Are schools going to replace art classes and science labs with apps from iPads? Supposedly Hill Country School (a small private Christian school in Austin) requires their students to have iPads. I guess this is what technology does, and things can’t always remain the same, but it’s frightening that babies are so accustomed and reliant on a device at such a young age.


2 thoughts on “weekly blog post

  1. This video of a baby doing exactly that was doing the rounds a couple of years ago:

  2. I am a speech pathology major and I have to take quite a few classes on language acquisition especially in children. A lot of research proves that electronic devices do not help in learning language. My professor always says that baby einstein is a huge scam because children aren’t actually learning- they need human to human interaction. I’m sure it is efficient for middle school and high school kids but I don’t think babies are getting the same effect.

    Also I had to beg my parents for a RAZR in 9th and my little brother got one way earlier than me lol not fair!

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