Hacking Rhetoric

Hacked Experience

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I was not really sure how it would feel to be hacked when this assignment first started up. It was also a weird feeling knowing that we were going to get hacked and just waiting around to see what happens. When we first started out this hacking assignment, I was pretty nervous about finding out what my hacker would do to my blog account. I had no idea what my hacker would change or add to my blog. Surprisingly when I saw that I was hacked, I enjoyed how they hacked my account.  It was a good type of hack that happened to me, as weird as that sounds. My hacker added information on to one of my blog entries. They posted three YouTube videos of situations where 3D printing has helped save people’s lives. The videos were about how a baby was saved, a kidney was printed by a 3D printer, and how an old woman got a new jaw.  What was really cool was that they transcribed a phrase that said “3D printers save lives!’’  Not many people know about the International Phonetic Alphabet, so knowing that my hacker looked it up was a great effort. That really was a cool idea that they performed on my account. I think that the way they approached this hack was effective. It really stuck out to me and had me engaged because they researched some good information that was relative to my topic of that blog. It felt weird having to change my password so someone else could try and figure it out and hack my account. It was a kind of like preparing to let someone just figure out our information, or in this case our blog accounts. I was always so anxious waiting to see when I would get hacked and who would be the one to do it. I constantly checked to see if I had been hacked yet. I really want to thank my hacker for their great work. I am really happy that they posted up those great videos to add on to my blog. They really showed that they did some research and hard work into this hack. I hope that they learned a little bit about a new topic that exists. They made this being hacked experience a good one. Now to say if only everyone who has been hacked would have a good experience like I did.  


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