Hacking Rhetoric

Artist Statement

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Artist Statement

The person who I was assigned to hack was Audrey. Before Audrey posted a hint, I looked her up on Facebook to find out details about her. She went to Highland Park High school in Dallas and I thought this would be a good place to start. Highland Parks High School’s mascot is the “Scots” I typed this in immediately thinking this would be my answer and I would be done so quickly. I was wrong. It wasn’t her password. Then I proceeded to type in every color of the rainbow. Those were not her password choices either. I gave up for awhile until she posted a hint on her blog. That she went to Highland Park High School and their mascot is plural along with 1234 at the end of her password. This made it really easy.

Once I was pretty sure I knew what her password was I tried it thinking I would get in right away. It did not work. I tried different number schemes and beyond and again it did not work. After many, many attempts to hack into Audrey’s word press account I finally tried the first password again. This time it worked. I must have typed it in wrong the first time otherwise I would not have been spending all that time trying to figure out the right password when I had it all along!

When I was finally into her account I went through and changed one of her blog posts to ever other sentence bolded. This was just something funny that amused me. Hacking into her account was more fun for me than I thought.  Although, I did feel a little guilty for being on someone else’s private account it gave me some sort of rush. I had just successfully completed a hacking task. Even though the directions and hints were all there I still did it magnificently. I was also very proud and impressed with myself that I knew her password would be her high school mascot right away. Maybe I thought this about her because that is what I made mine. Once I was on her account I felt nervous, as I could get caught or get into trouble. Hacking is a serious issue. This was for school purposes but I could not imagine getting onto someone else’s social media account. Example, Facebook or Twitter, I have been hacked by my friends many times on these social media websites. Every time I feel the same way, frustrated and I want to make sure my Facebook friends and Twitter followers know it was not me. After the hack is over me and my friend can laugh about it. But, Audrey is just a classmate and she is not one of my best friends that I can hack and it can be funny. This is her personal account and this made me feel awful about hacking.

I rhetorically changed the word “hack” or any form of the word hack into “prank” on her first two blog posts. This was something that is humorous to me and prank is a little similar to hack. Especially this type of hack I would consider it a prank. In her first two-blog posts it even makes sense with prank instead of hack. This hack is so minor that no one would noticed unless they knew that this class was about hacking! Hacking into someone else’s blog was intriguing but showed me that hacking into other peoples personal space is not my thing.


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