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My hacking experience was kind of mixed since I accidently found out that Josh was going to be my hacker while telling Beck I hadn’t been hacked yet.  Even though my password was my high school mascot, I forgot that I never had my high school listed on my Facebook or Linkedin page.  So I apologize for that Josh for making it more difficult for you on this assignment than it should have been.  But at least I take comfort in knowing that even though I have a digital footprint, it’s smaller than the average person.  This is because I take my privacy a bit more seriously than most.  My preference is not to let everyone know about my information unless I know him or her first.  There isn’t exactly a solid reason that I have for this besides the fact that it is just my preference.

Once I gave Josh the name of my high school I was a bit unnerved.  He warned me that his hack was going to be subtle, which made me look at my blog in both nervousness and excitement on what he might do.  After a few times of checking though I simply just waited.  When he finally did confirm to me in class that he did hack me, I wanted to see what he did and sure enough he went for the one blog where we both worked on the same assignment. Quite honestly it was humorous and I wasn’t the least upset.  Maybe because the curtain of mystery was already lifted before he did anything.  In addition, because I’ve worked with Josh in the past and got to know him a bit better throughout the course of the semester I probably wasn’t threatened by him or his actions during this hacking assignment. 

 What he did mention in his artist statement is true, I didn’t realize that whatever photos you have on Facebook in the cover photo is public.  So when he told me he read through some pictures of a graduation, I went to search for it.  Looks like I missed something after all.  And it did slightly disturb me that I never knew it was public and caused me to review all my privacy settings.  So there was a residual effect of Josh’s hack.  Even though his hack I knew was friendly, it made me concerned that I could be vulnerable to a real hack by someone anonymous.  

Overall this assignment was a mixed experience, but a good one no doubt.  


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