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It was very interesting experience having my blog account hacked.  I think I would have been more worried if my blog password was the same as my e-mail, Facebook, etc., but it was still weird to have someone else on my wordpress account.  Lara was chosen to hack me and from her artist statement, I learned that she was able to figure out my password very quickly.  However, my hacked blog experience was a little bit slower.  Because we do not receive any type of notifications when something on our blog post is edited, it took me a while to figure out that I had actually been hacked.  It took me until the day before our artist statements were due to realize I had been hacked.  I had to go through each one of my blogs and read them to see which one was changed.

This could be scary if it were not an assignment.  This showed me that it could be so easy for someone to hack onto something of mine (Facebook, e-mail, twitter, etc) without me having any idea that they were on my account. This causes me to think about the security that we have on all our personal accounts.  I realized that I do not receive a notification when someone signs onto my Facebook or e-mail.  There could be someone who has access to my password, and I would never know.  This makes me want to be more careful with my passwords.  I found a setting on Facebook that changed my notifications to alert me if someone signs onto my Facebook account from a different device than my computer.  I also decided that I want to continuously change my passwords on all of my accounts.

The hack Lara performed was very interesting.  She edited my blog post about Anonymous.  My original post held a negative connotation towards Anonymous, and she changed mine to make it seem like I was interested in being apart of Anonymous.  She also changed the Church of Scientology to the Church of Google.  She did this based off research she found from anonymous comparing god to Google.  I found this very interesting because she put a lot of thought and research into hacking my blog post.  She even posted the links to her research for everyone to see after she hacked my blog post.

I was not upset by Lara’s blog post.  I found her post to be very interesting, and I actually learned even more about Anonymous from how she hacked my post.  This was an innocent, creative version of a hack.  However, if someone was hacking into my personal accounts for a negative purpose, I would be very upset.  I believe that in most cases, if someone finds out your password and hacks onto your accounts, it is not usually for a good reason.  As I explained earlier, I have already taken actions upon several of my accounts in order to maintain more security of who has access to my passwords.


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