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The thought of being hacked could sound distressing to almost anyone.  Having a person browsing through your private information and property is plain terrifying.  When I got hacked, I didn’t even know.  There were no signs of account alterations, unusual notifications, or even a password changes.  I had to ask Beck if I even got hacked because I found absolutely nothing different with my account (I later found the modification after reading my hacker’s artist statement).  In my opinion, this is one of the scariest methods to get hacked.  Someone is snooping on you and you don’t even have a clue!  Luckily for me, I was hacked for academic purposes, on a website I barely even use.  On top of that, I already knew that I was going to get hacked, making it no surprise.

The person who hacked me was Audrey.  She took one of my blog posts and changed the piece to say the exact opposite of what it originally meant.  Initially, the blog post was talking about how I came to better understand and sympathize with hackers after utilizing Hackasaurus.  Audrey changed the post to say that I felt guilty and horrible after using the tool.  She even went on to declare that I would never understand hackers.  I thought the way Audrey portrayed me was pretty funny.  She made me sound like an innocent individual who stands up for justice.  What Audrey did really caught my attention.  Why?  Because I conducted the same hack on my hackee, Min Chul.  Maybe this is some type of karma coming back at me.   Probably not, though. 

To get a better idea of what Audrey’s aim was when hacking my blog post, I decided to read her artist’s statement.  After reading the post, it seems to me that Audrey was trying to portray her unease of hacking me (and hackers in general) through using my identity.  If this was her true intention then I would have to say that the hack she performed was effective.  She inverted my blog post to portray her feelings of hacking me and did a good job at it.  Also, the way she worded my post made me chuckle so props to her.

Unlike this situation, being hacked is not always fun.  That is why I have decided to be more cautious with my security settings.  Someone like Audrey could hack into my account at any time and I would not want that to happen.  That is why I decided to change my passwords more frequently.  In addition to that, most websites offer location tracking of where your account is being accessed so I decided to utilize that functionality more often.  Yes, doing these things may be annoying, but I would rather be safe than sorry.


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