Hacking Rhetoric

Hackee Sack Response

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My blog post, about the results of my apple juice life hack, was hacked. Lauren decided that she would take my post and instead of modifying it, she would just add on to it. She added in some research about apples and a brochure for a company she had started that would deliver apples to your door every night. Upon being “hacked” like this, I attempted to make a comparison between my situation and a hacking situation a real person might experience. This seems pretty reminiscent of creative property theft, in my opinion. I made something that sort of attracted attention and praise, and someone else took that thing and attempted to make money off of it without consulting me. It’s like stealing someone’s ideas to make your own business, or using someone else’s face as an endorsement of your product without even telling them about it. In a real life situation, I could imagine being very pissed of by that. It’s an interesting reaction that people get in these situations, and I often wonder whether it’s selfishness or spite or something else that causes people’s reactions. Here I was with no intentions of ever using my idea for commercial purposes. And now Lauren has gone and made money off of it behind my back. My kneejerk response is to try and sue her or at least send a cease and desist letter. But why? Is it because I’m mad at her because she was smarter and made money where I wasn’t clever enough to try? Or is it because I’m angry that she is receiving money without doing as much work? Some human instinct makes us angry when others succeed regardless of whether or not we ourselves are hurt by it. I think humans are basically stingy and I’m not sure if it’s a necessary evolutionary tactic or a regrettable byproduct of our personalities.


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