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I had mixed feelings about the whole idea of being hacked by a classmate.  On one hand, I was excited to see how my post would be hacked and on the other hand, I was slightly nervous that the hacker would have trouble finding a post that was interesting enough for them to hack.  I’ve put a decent amount of work into my blog posts, so I really hoped that my hacker was able to read through them and feel like they had a lot to choose from.  I definitely didn’t feel invaded by the fact that someone was going to gain access to my account, I was more excited about how my post would be hacked.  I think that when you’re expecting to be hacked, you’re not as surprised or offended by the hack than if it were to happen to one of your accounts in real life.  This sandbox hack allowed me to be excited about the creative possibilities instead of scared of the consequences of the hack. 

I was hacked by Devon.  She hacked my post that compared Manning and Snowden by talking about their fashion choices and commenting on their clothing.  She talked about one of the biggest differences between the two whistleblowers was the fact that Manning wore a beret and Sowden didn’t.  She also commented on how Manning’s beret was the reason that he got a severe punishment and the reason he wasn’t able to be a refugee in Russia.  Devon ended my article with the phrase “Manning, on the other hand, seemed to have intense inner turmoil.  You probably would too if you had to wear a beret to work everyday too,” so it was pretty obvious that she took a stance against this particular type of hat.  In the post, I had a picture of Manning and Snowden side by side and Manning was wearing a beret, so Devon used this as inspiration for her hack.  I thought that Devon’s hack was hilarious and I was really impressed with how creative she was with it.  She was able to use my post to take a strong stance against berets.  It was a funny and added some sass to an otherwise pretty informative and dry post. 

I can understand how some hackers may unintentionally offend people while trying to be funny, but I feel as if Devon added comedy to my blog while still being respectful and maintaining the integrity of the post.  I really hoped that the person who hacked me would take a comedic approach because I wanted to be able to laugh at the changes to my blog.

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