Hacking Rhetoric

hack response

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My Siri life hack post was hacked. Sean post a link to a soundclould file which was the Siri’s voice reading my life hack post. I felt very bad after listening to the file because I thought I had been trolled because robotic voice is so hilarious that it makes me look like a clown. But I have to say it was creative and I ended up having a good laugh.

Then I started thinking the question that is Sean really trying to troll me? I read my original post sentence by sentence right after listening to the file. My guess is that Sean is mocking my argument being too naive, just like the Siri. I knew that my guess could be wrong, but it was the information I received from the hack. I realize that even though hackers may have purposes on their hacks, their targets may understand those hacks differently due to variation of knowledge they have.

When I post my first password hint, I knew that the hacker hacking my wordpress will never be able to find out my password without further hints. I do not use Twitter and Facebook, instead I use a Chinese social media called Weixin. So the hacker won’t be able to find information he needs get access to my password. This reminds me of the password I use for my other accounts, which is three letters followed by some random numbers. This password has some special meaning to me that nobody elso knows. I’m sure it is very secure.


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