Hacking Rhetoric

Hackee Response

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Despite knowing a hack on my account was inevitable, I was still thoroughly surprised when it finally did arrive. Meagan orchestrated a spamming hack, which felt both very real and strange. On the blog posts of other classmates, Meagan utilized my account to leave comments that were, in essence, advertisements for her own blog posts.I felt very uneasy seeing my name used to write posts I had not endorsed. It was almost like having an evil twin or being a ghost– watching your posts but having no control over them whatsoever… I felt like I had really been hacked! It was awesome how Meagan used a format for her hack that was very different than the rest of the classes– It was totally unexpected and so similar to the spam bot hacks I see on twitter or facebook that it felt totally real. After my initial shock, I found it totally hilarious!

Meagan alerted me to the spambot hacks through an update to my own lifehacks post. Im glad she enjoyed the post! It was fun to experiment with beer. In Meagan’s hacker statement she mentioned the hacking assignment as a fun way to get to know someone better in class who you may not have gotten to know otherwise– and I feel this certainly goes the same for getting hacked as well! Live Oak HefeWeizen is my all time favorite beer too:)


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