Hacking Rhetoric

Response to being Hacked

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Once I was finally hacked I realized that this was a weird feeling. Someone had taken time to get to know me on some personal level to discover what my password was. They had to search me on the internet to find what high school I went to and the mascot of my high school at that. This is creepy in my opinion. Yet, I did the same thing to the person I hacked. In all it was an experience and we were just hacking our classmates. Since we just hacked our classmates this does not bother me, but, if I had been hacked by someone outside of our classroom I would be worried. Someone getting into my personal accounts is very concerning. On my word press account there is nothing that if hacked into would ruin my life but on my e-mail and social media accounts I could not imagine this happening to me. It would be horrible. The fact that finding someone’s password was so easy for this means that finding passwords for other accounts must be easy to and hackers must hack into other people’s accounts. 

All in all hacking into my classmates blog was a fun and great learning experience. This was something that made this hacking class real. Now I can say I have hacked someone else! 

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