Hacking Rhetoric

Response to being hacked

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Discovering that Damon was my hacker was a huge surprise to me. And after reading his response to performing the hack, I am honestly in disbelief of my carelessness. The day that the hack was assigned to us, I remember very clearly discussing with Damon the assignment and specifically how hard passwords should be. Now, looking back, I realize that he was playing me the entire time. He had used social engineering to convince me that we were having a normal conversation about the assignment, when in fact he was attempting to sneakily siphon  my password from me. He was extremely successful and I readily gave him all the information he needed to hack into my WordPress account without having to do a thing.

The hack itself did an excellent job of framing me as a black hat hacker. Damon took  some of the phrasing I used in my Day 1 post and reconfigured the entire post to give the impression that I am a black hat hacker. It’s very strange how even though the hack is obviously an assignment, the manipulation of something you’ve written creates very negative feelings of violation of privacy. Overall, Damon’s hack was a great success and I applaud him for hiss conniving ways.

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