Hacking Rhetoric

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Hacked Experience

I was not really sure how it would feel to be hacked when this assignment first started up. It was also a weird feeling knowing that we were going to get hacked and just waiting around to see what happens. When we first started out this hacking assignment, I was pretty nervous about finding out what my hacker would do to my blog account. I had no idea what my hacker would change or add to my blog. Surprisingly when I saw that I was hacked, I enjoyed how they hacked my account.  It was a good type of hack that happened to me, as weird as that sounds. My hacker added information on to one of my blog entries. They posted three YouTube videos of situations where 3D printing has helped save people’s lives. The videos were about how a baby was saved, a kidney was printed by a 3D printer, and how an old woman got a new jaw.  What was really cool was that they transcribed a phrase that said “3D printers save lives!’’  Not many people know about the International Phonetic Alphabet, so knowing that my hacker looked it up was a great effort. That really was a cool idea that they performed on my account. I think that the way they approached this hack was effective. It really stuck out to me and had me engaged because they researched some good information that was relative to my topic of that blog. It felt weird having to change my password so someone else could try and figure it out and hack my account. It was a kind of like preparing to let someone just figure out our information, or in this case our blog accounts. I was always so anxious waiting to see when I would get hacked and who would be the one to do it. I constantly checked to see if I had been hacked yet. I really want to thank my hacker for their great work. I am really happy that they posted up those great videos to add on to my blog. They really showed that they did some research and hard work into this hack. I hope that they learned a little bit about a new topic that exists. They made this being hacked experience a good one. Now to say if only everyone who has been hacked would have a good experience like I did.  

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Artist Hacker Statement for 11-25-13

This whole hacking process was something totally new for me. The idea of actually hacking into someone’s account and rearranging their work felt really weird for me. The way I started out was trying to add my person, Damon, on Facebook. I don’t think he was a frequent user of Facebook so i never got added as a friend and I could not retrieve any information from there. After trying that, I tried to use Twitter as my next resource but again it failed to be any help to try and think of a password that would be correct. When Halloween came along I still didn’t have a clue to work off of so I was struggling for a while to even know where to begin to try and guess his password. When i finally got a clue, it informed me that it was his high school mascot. He went to school in Abilene. I went on Google and searched all high schools in Abilene and went to each individual’s school website and would try every mascot as the password. I finally guessed it right and was successful at entering his word press account. It felt really weird being on someone else’s account and actually playing the role of a hacker.

 I chose to hack Damon’s blog entry called “Responsible Disclosure”. It was about a guy that got into the school’s networks and publicly announced that he “knows what is open to the public and what is not”. At the end of the entry, he asked what we thought about the way the guy went about his hacking. I thought it was a perfect entry to respond to because it ended by asking what we thought.

            I think he used logos for this entry because he explains logic and reason to convince us that the hacker went about his hack in responsible way. He explains that there could have been serious consequences if the hacker had bad intentions, but it still ended not in a bad way. He reasons that even though bad things could have happened, he still believes that the hacker went about it the right way.

            I pretty much responded to his blog entry with logos as well. I explained that I felt the hacker did not go about his hack in a very responsible manner. I felt that he came off as too threatening. I also felt that he could have notified the right people in a discrete manner and let them know the information he had figured out.

            After performing this hack, I can kind of relate to the hackers that we have learned about this semester. I can relate to the feeling of accomplishing something that not everyone does. The feeling of accessing into someone’s account is scary yet exhilarating. It was weird trying to find out information from someone I do not really talk to. I think that hackers that hack for the good should not be labeled as bad guys who do bad things. They work really hard at what they do and can teach companies a lot about their systems. I felt the sense of accomplishing something after I finish the hack. I can only imagine how it feels when a hacker gets access into tough systems or breaks a security wall and gets important information. It must be a great feeling knowing that they have the skills and maybe even cleverness to get past secured websites or companies.

            I thought about how this is only an assignment and no bad intentions are at place here. It made me think of ethical decisions that hackers have to make or abide by. I could have easily taken advantage of this assignment and wrote inappropriate things over my Damon’s wall and done all sorts of irrelevant things with his blog. Ethically I knew that wouldn’t be right and just abided by the rules and regulations that Bec gave us for this assignment. I think hackers have to deal with ethical decisions every day that they perform a hack. They could be working for a company that only wants them to tell them of security loopholes in their websites. By doing that task, the hacker can get a hold of a lot of company private information. By ethical decisions, hackers have to just do the job they were given and not have bad intentions. With all that information they have, they must not sell it to other companies or publicly display it without the companies’ permission. Personally, dealing with the ethical part of this assignment was totally easy. I could definitely see where hackers run into trouble with ignoring ethical decisions and getting into trouble, especially when money is involved.

            This hacker experience was different and fun for me. I’m glad I got to be a hacker for a day.

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weekly post for 11-19-13

After learning about the “catch an illegal immigrant” game that was planned, it just made me think a lot about what we talked about in class. I loved how Beck made the point of people not being illegal. We came up with this big list of things that are illegal like drugs and weapons. It was a powerful point that was made that everyone should hear about. People that are not citizens of a certain country cannot be minimized to inhumane objects that don’t even matter. People are still people no matter what part of the world you are in. The problem with “illegal immigration” is a big issue that no one wants to bring up or talk about. The people of YCT should be ashamed of themselves. The president himself is hispanic so he should have an understanding of the issue with immigration and how messed up it is. He should not add to the problem. I live in a border town and I know the struggles of immigration and honestly the best I can do is just not make the situation any worse. The issue of immigration is tricky and difficult and the last thing we should be doing is making a game out of it.

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“Hackers and Hookers” Weekly blog post 10/29


In honor of Halloween this weekend, I found the perfect article about Halloween and hackers! A group from Hacker Hideout, a starting co-working space in San Francisco, decided to throw a party. The theme of this party was “Hackers and Hookers”. They advertised the party for beer, food trucks, and girls. Tasneem Raja stated, “There’s a shot of a bare mattress on the floor, inviting “thinkers and builders, tech lovers and business moguls” to consider working—or even living!—at the Hideout”. This apparently is just a small aspect in the bigger problem of gender issues in the tech world. A web designer named Justine Arreche complained about an account of sexual assault by her boss. Her boss was a well known Ruby programmer. It had happened at a party where all her co workers were. She said how she felt pressured to drink and let them do body shots off her, because she wanted them to consider her as part of the crew. She was saying how hard it is to work with so many men, because she wants to be friends with them but it seeing as “hookers” at themed parties. It is a crazy situation, and I never was aware of this gender issue in the tech world. You all should really check this article out.

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Hacked summary: Sammy Rodz

θri di prɪntərz sev lɪvz!
3-D printers save lives!

A baby’s life is saved through a 3D printed replica of a trachea and bronchus

Engineering vital organs via 3D printers
An 83 year-old women recieves an entirely 3D printed lower jaw
3D printing will revolutionize medicine– taking the field to frontiers beyond our wildest dreams!

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Blue-Sammy Rodriguez


Recently I have been interested in the different life hacks that I’ve read about. I tried this one where if you want a cold drink, you wrap wet paper towels around the soda or water bottle. You wait like 10-15minutes and when you take it out of the fridge or freezer it is so cold! I tried this a couple of times last week and it totally came in handy! Having a cold gatorade after a run was the best thing ever! Try this out!

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Sammy R. End of week update for LifeHack

My Life hack was how to get quality sleep. The steps I had to take to achieve this was pretty simple in some ways. I had to workout but not too late in the day, which was totally okay for me and I did it. I unfortunately couldn’t Wednesday and Thursday because i had tests and was busy studying for them. Another step I had to take was waking up at a consistent time everyday, which I did not achieve because my classes start at different times MWF and T/TH. A big one was to not take a nap. I was doing so good, then Tuesday I caved in and took a nap. IT was just too hard to resist. It also entailed smaller meals in the evening for dinner. For the most part, I had smaller dinners, but some nights I was just so hungry that I ended up eating a big meal. Even though I didn’t successfully practice each step, I did notice a change in my quality of sleep. I think if I would have gone with this 100% it would have been an even bigger improvement on my sleep. I think this life hack is a good reminder to take care of our bodies and work with our routines to ensure good quality sleep at night, which is something we all need now a days.