Hacking Rhetoric

Blog guidelines

Expectations for blog posts

In general …

You’ll be asked to contribute to the course blog a minimum of once per week, offering a roughly 200 word reflection on either the assigned readings for the next class or any thoughts which arose from the last class.

The class will be split into two groups so that blog posts are staggered throughout the week.

Due dates:

Red group                   Noon, Sunday before Monday’s class

Blue group                   Noon, Tuesday before Wednesday’s class

The pieces can be informal in tone, but they should still be carefully composed — full sentences, clear transitions, punctuation, paragraphs etc.


In addition to writing your weekly blog post, please read and respond briefly (roughly 50-100 words) to two of your peers’ blog posts.

Additional directed posts

I’ll occasionally ask everyone to contribute an additional blog post addressing a specific question.

Extra / optional blog posts 

The course blog is ‘our’ space, so feel free to write on it as much as you want! You are welcome to use the blog to solicit feedback from your peers, explore thoughts about the class content, ask questions that you think the whole class would benefit from hearing answers to, or post additional material you feel is relevant and interesting to the class. This is by no means mandatory, but if you want to: go for it.


Please plan on signing up for a Twitter account by next week and email your handle to Beck (if you have a Twitter account already, you can use that if you want; equally, if you want to use a dedicated or private account, that’s cool too). Alternatively, follow @profbeckwise

I’ll curate a list of the usernames and have all of you follow everyone.

Each week, please post at least one link, plug for your blog post and/or short response to … something relevant to the course on Twitter, hashtagged ‘#hackrhet”.

This will help us stay engaged with current discussions around hacking, as well as give you practice expressing your thoughts clearly and (very) concisely.

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