Hacking Rhetoric

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First Learning Record Reflection

Your first critical piece of work for this course is your initial Learning Record reflection.

In this piece of work, you should reflect on your own development as a reader, writer, speaker and listener (communicator in general), as well as in relation to the Course Strands.

Some questions you might use as a jumping-off point (but don’t feel bound by these):

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Where are you today as a communicator? How did you get there? What milestones can you identify in your development as a communicator?

This piece establishes a baseline to which you can refer as you monitor your progress over the semester. It helps you to think about how you learn best and begin to build a plan for success. And it’s an opportunity for you to let me know about anything I can do to help you succeed.

Please save your reflection as a Word document (.doc extension) and bring it to class on Wednesday, September 4, either on a USB key or by emailing it to yourself or storing it in the cloud.