Hacking Rhetoric



In this course, you’ll be assessed on the following pieces of work:

  • Short research summaries
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Rhetorical analysis project
  • ‘The Sandbox Hack’ (blog hacking project)
  • Final project
  • Course blog posts
  • Peer reviews — mandatory
  • Learning Record — mandatory
  • Participation — invaluable

Deadlines can be found on the schedule.

You’ll be expected to make a minimum of one blog post per week. Some of these will be open-topic; for others, I will give you specific questions or themes to address.

Prompts & Guidelines

Guidelines for blog posts (due weekly).

Prompt for Summaries 1 & 2 (due Sept 16 & 23).

Prompt for Annotated Bibliography (draft due Sept 30, final due Oct 2).

Prompt for Hack/Summary (Summary of a Hack due Oct 14, Hacked Summary due Oct 21).

Prompt for Analysis Paper (four key dates!!)

Prompt for Blog Hack (lots of key dates, lots of agreed-upon standards)

Guidelines for Presentations (including sign-up sheet!)

Prompt for Final Paper (two options, four key dates!)


For each major writing assignment you will produce multiple drafts to be reviewed by both your peers and myself. The revisions made to papers in this course must be substantial. In other words, you cannot only edit, proofread, or correct for spelling and minor grammatical errors. You must also revise to change and enhance the overall structure of your arguments. I will be looking for revisions that focus on global aspects of writing, such as responding to the assignment, using appropriate and consistent tone, fair summary, good organization, effective argumentation and source use and critical thinking.

If you do not revise the X.1 for the X.2 version or revise only minor, sentence-level details, it will be difficult or impossible for you to claim proficiency with the ‘composition’ Course Strand on the Learning Record.

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