Hacking Rhetoric


This schedule is subject to change based on the interests and progress of the class. We’ll discuss any changes in class and you’ll receive an emailed reminder.

Week 1 August 28 Introductions.
Just show up!
Week 2 September 2 No class.
Labor Day holiday. Plan on working on your LR self-evaluation this weekend
September 4 What is rhetoric? What is hacking?
READ: Excerpt from Everything’s an Argument
DUE: LR self-evaluation.
TOOL: Basic WordPress functions
Week 3 September 9 Library resources and effective summarisation
READ: Levy, Hackers and TSIS Ch.2
EXPLORE: Serindipomatic
September 11 Hacking X Making. Incorporating and citing sources.
READ: O’Dell, “The maker movement isn’t just for hackers”; Doctorow, Makers pp.11-22; TSIS Ch.3.
REVIEW: EW pp.206-251
Week 4 September 16 Women and Hacking.
READ: GeekMom, “The Hacker School Experience”; Toulmin, “Feminist Hackerspaces as Safer Spaces?”
DUE: Summary 1*We’ll also have a short visit from someone from the Bridging Disciplines Program.
September 18 Hacking Objects. What is an annotated bibliography, anyway?
READ: Toilet Hacking; Car Hacking (Youtube link; watch the video and read the Forbes article linked in the description); Car Hacking — from the source
TOOL: Timeline JS
Week 5 September 23 Hacking You.
READ: Any eight (8) articles from Lifehacker that appeared in the past week. They’re mostly short and you can cherry-pick short ones if you like.
Come prepared to discuss, explain, illustrate, demonstrate, share.
DUE: Summary 2
September 25 What is hacking … again? Hacking Text / Hacking School.
READ: Burton, “Dear Students”; Hacking the Accident, “Introduction”; Hacking the Accident, “Dear Stunts”.
TOOL: Creative Commons; Fair use
Week 6 September 30 Intro to Unit 2: “Analyse”.
What makes an argument effective? Understanding audience.
READ: Nothing! Spend your time on your annotated bibliography.
Come to class with a 50% complete draft of your annotated bibliography (4 articles)
October 2 Ethos: Hacking Zuckerberg.
READ: Ethos — Everything’s an Argument pp.60-65. Zuckerberg — Ahmed for background; Shreatah (primary source).
Optional but interesting: ycombinator discussionFeinberg on the aftermath
TOOL: Fancier WordPress and basic html (resource 1, resource 2)DUE: Annotated bibliography – FINAL
Week 7 October 7 Ethos 2: Wikileaks and Chelsea Manning.
READ: Readings TBC (as the decision got handed down immediately before the semester!).The chats that got Manning arrested – excerpt (full logs here if you’re interested); Section 1 of Wikileaks’ “About” page; Assange’s statement on Manning’s sentence
DISCUSS: Expectations for mid-term Learning Record.
October 9 Pathos: Visual rhetoric with Anonymous. Video links TBC.WATCH: A Short, Strange History of Anonymous; Anonymous’ Message to Scientology;
DO: Come to class with a few pre-selected Creative-Commons licensed images, videos, music files that you think you can use to make an argument about your current favourite aspect of hacking. Bring your headphones — we have a set but folks typically prefer their own.
TOOL: Popcorn Maker.
Week 8 October 14 Pathos 2: Hacker humour.
READ: Coleman, Hacking Freedom Ch 3, and poke around XKCD a bit
DUE: Summary of a hack
October 16 Hacking Season Opens.
READ: Rosen, “Security Questions are a Joke”; Honan, “How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking”.
REVIEW: Top 25 Passwords; Good Security Questions.
October 17 Change your password by noon. Hacking Season Opens.
Week 9 October 21 Evidence: Introducing Logos
What is Logos? READ: Everything’s an Argument pp.78-100. Other readings TBC, but centred on Snowden, NSA surveillance, hacking and whistleblowing (another story in progress as we begin the semester!).Logical fallacies
DUE: Hacked summary
October 23 Logos 2
READ: Washington Post PRISM CollectionSnowden was a Hacker for the NSA; The NSA is doing what Google does; Edward Snowden is no traitor
DUE: LR mid-term self-evaluations.
Week 10 October 28 Writing Workshop
BRING: Your current work-in-progress for this class — learning record, analysis paper, etc

DUE: LR mid-term self-evaluations.

October 30 Workshop day: Hackasaurus
Before class, revisit your basic html (resource 1, resource 2).
October 31 If you haven’t been hacked yet, post a clue on your blog or Twitter to help your hacker out
Week 11 November 4 Workshop day: Analysis paper peer review.
No assigned reading.
November 6 Making an argument effective: audience 2.
No assigned reading.
We’ll also be discussing plans for the rest of the semester
DUE: Analysis paper version 1. (midnight by email; talk to me for paper)
Week 12 November 11 Individual paper conferences – make an appointment
November 13 Intro to Unit 3: “Make”.
Making an argument effective: picking your moment.
DUE: Analysis paper version 2.
Week 13 November 18 Hacking Season ClosesWorkshop day. TOOL: Hack This Site
November 20 Workshop day: Wikipedia.
READ: About Wikipedia (focus on ‘Strengths and Weaknesses’ and ‘Contribute to Wikipedia’).
Before class, please sign up for a Wikipedia account.
Week 14 November 25 Workshop day: Final project peer review.
Last day for Sandbox Hack blog post
November 27 Open Workshop for those still in town — bring anything you want to work on.
DUE: Final project version 1.
Week 15 December 2 Presentations
Mandatory end-of-semester conferences today and Tuesday — come prepared to talk about your final assignments and your portfolio prep.
Last day for blog post responding to being hacked.
December 4 Presentations
Course evaluations.
Post-semester … December 6 Last day of classes university-wide.
DUE: Final project version 2.
December 9 DUE: LR final evaluation. Any last late papers.